A Letter for Authors from Forensic Science Seminar

Dear Authors,

As an academic journal published internationally, we would like to publish the superior papers on Forensic Science Seminar (FSS). So we call for papers from you.

The FSS is now published by ZolCat Academic House, and it is still not belong to any instituion or organization in the world. It is only an academic journal publishing OA literatures on subject of forensic science. It is non-commercial and the editorial board is open to every suitable scholar who would like to be our peer reviewer globally. The official website is still at FSS.XXYY.INFO.

As emphasizing on academic contents, we need an editorial standard. So we accept manuscripts in Word 2003/2007 forms and figures/tables meterials in TIFF/PNG ( >300dpi).

As peer review process is necessary for each paper, so, please recommend more than two peer reviewers on your paper. If not, we would find the proper peer reviewers. We would like to pay for the peer reviewers, and authors may need to pay for some costs ($150~600USD, 2015) during the whole publishing procedure.

The lowest requirements of articles are:

First, the basic 5C: correctness, clarity, concise, completion and consistency.

Second, Peer review process is necessary for every paper.

Third, academic morality is reflected on the aspect of the intellectual property (copyright). FFP (Fabrication/Falsification/Plagiarism) are the only reasons that FSS force-out an author and his works.

At last, please let me repeat the basic information of our journal:

Journal title: Forensic Science Seminar
Variant forms of the title: FORENSIC SCI SEM, F.S.S.
ISSN: 2157-118X (online)
Publication Frequency: Quaterly (four formal issue per year, and more special issues if necessary)
Subjects: Forensic Science; Forensic Behavior; Biomedical Engineering; Forensic Medine; Accident Analysis; Criminal Investigation; Judicial Expertise; Evidence; Forensic Toxicology; Forensic Anthropology; Forensic Bloodstain; Forensic Psycology; and more other special fields.
Publisher: ZolCat Academic House (Brroklyn, NY)
Language: English
Property: Online / Print / LOA ( Limited Open Access)
OCLC: 659514459
Indexed by Google Scholar, OCLC, Ulrich, Iponf.
Initial issue: Vol. 1 no. 1, January 2011
Executive editor: Tilla A. Theresia
For details, please contact us by E-mail: fss@xxyy.info
You can also seek advices from exe-editor Tilla by personal E-mail: tilla@fss.xxyy.info

Sincerely Yours,

FSS Executive Editor: Tilla
April 11, 2014