Call for papers

Call for Papers (Normal)

Forensic Science Seminar (FORENSIC SCI SEM, ISSN 2157-118X) is the title of an international academic limited open access journal in the U.S.

Standard research papers in all fields of forensic sciences are welcome for our journal of Forensic Science Seminar. We accept the following types of articles:

Original research paper; Review article; Case report; Essay(Research note/Book review); Letter; Lecture literature; Academic interview; and other academic materials suitable for publication.

Please note that the dealine is on February 28th, May 31st, August 31st and November 30th. If you miss the date, your article will be delated for the next issue.

Accepted language is only English. For speakers of other languages, you can provide us the bilingual materials, but the contents must be bijection (one-to-one).

Please send your Cover Letter (including academic moral statement) and Title Page (including title/acstracts/key words/authors information) to the Editorial Board by E-mail before the complete manuscript. Editors will contact with you in 72 hours for in-deth consideration or quick rejection. In-deth considerations are shor or long depending both on your article and researchment. We believe that every exellent paper is polished by the necessary time and hard work. Hope you to submit an exellent article to FSS.

ISSN 2157-118X (online)
Peer reviewed
Editorial Board E-mail:
Publisher: Forensic Science Seminar & ZolCat Academic House
(If there was any error in the following multi-language text, please remind us to revise. Thanks a lot!)